The Skin Feast Chlorella Green apple Cleanser :100gm


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    Our Exclusive Skin Feast Chlorella is a freshwater green algae,which possess wonderful skin
    Here,Sunstra’s Hand processed
    Green algae Chlorella Cleanser in rich creamy texture comes up with lite green shade which
    gives an aroma of Tangy flavour of Green apple essence.Our Chlorella Cleanser results you an instant radiant apperance on your face.
    It has an abundance of nucleic acids,which have rejuvenating properties that helps to
    increase life span of your skin cells.Chlorophyll in Chlorella possesses incredible skin benefits.its anti oxident property make both
    cleansing and purifying your skin.
    Chlorella rich in vitamin A,C,E and K which can visibly reduce the appearance of dark
    spots,fine lines.
    Magnesium component present in Chlorella assist to storing oxygen in skin cells which
    provide nourishment for your skin. Improve skin collagen,retain moisture.Infused by Green apple extract,Green apple packed with minerals ,vitamins which nourishes
    skin, hydrate and heal your skin.
    Combined with Nutrients rich Chlorella,the essence of Green apple helps to remove toxins
    from your skin eliminates appearance of wrinkles.Having high content of fibre, minerals in
    green apple ,protect and prevent other skin issues.
    An Essence of Green apple on a day, Keep your skin issues away.


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