Sweet Moisture Skin Lighten Body wash – Banana & Vanilla: 250 ML


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    We’re happy to give you a Natural handmade creamy body wash ,its rich creamy texture & yellowish shade with sweet vanilla savour makes your bath warm and pleasant Enriched with Banana extract helps to Cleanse skin impurities,gives you a gentle sleek & nature glow to your skin,by boost up skin complexion,and retain moisture.Banana,which is high in potassium ,hydrates your skin, & prevent dryness.Include with an almond oil brings extremely nourish to skin,by blending with Vanilla Essential oil which is rich in vitamin B act as shield of damage cause by UV light.


    🍌Banana- Presenting Potassium improves skin texture and tone. Moisturizing skin & control dryness

    🍌Almond essential oil- Rich in Vitamin – E helps to Nourishing and Adds glow to skin

    🍌Vanilla essential oil- Keeps skin clear, repair and rejuvenate skin, prevent skin from UV rays.




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