Shiny Wheat Plumpy Pine Cleanser for Dry skin -100gm


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    Dear Dry skin, Wake up Make your Skin Shine ,with Sunstra’s Shiny wheat & Plumpy Pine
    Cleanser, Our hand processed wheat extract shiny cleansing milk with its sweet and sour fruity aroma of
    pineapple essence with wheatish brown shade purifies your skin and removes skin’s dirt, gives
    sparkling face.
    Blended with wheat extract which contains great source of Zinc, Vitamin E and selenium
    helps to enhance shine and hydrate your skin.Sunstra’s Wheat grain extract has great cleansing property, by massaging on your  face,it
    stimulates new skin cell regeneration.
    Wheat ,which is high in protein that keeps your skin young and shimmering which makes
    skin shine and glossy.Included with Pineapple essence that boosts skin collagen,pineapple which also contains
    Bromelain and Vitamin -C properties,improves your skin’s health and moisture treats skin
    Pineapple helps to exfloite your skin naturally.
    Bromelain is a powerful enzyme that presents in pineapple fruit helps to heal your dry skin.
    Hyperpigmentation occurs when darker patches appear on skin.
    This Cleanser helps to treat your hyperpigmentation by blemishing uneven skin tone.


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