Lavender Hairfall Control hairOil 100ml


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    We are glad to present Sunstra’s hand processed Lavender hair fall control Oil What does Sunstra’s Spanish Lavender extract Infused oil do to your hair?
    Lavender is truly a magical plant,with its herbal aroma and therapeutic in nature.
    Lavender Oil performs specially to strengthening hair follicles by treating hair infection and
    controls hair fall.Could also support to achieve hair’s health.
    Diluted with Bhringraj,herbal extract which is known as King of Herb specially used for Hair
    treatment in ancient Indian hair care routine, bhringraj extract helps to promote your hair growth
    thicker and faster than normal.By Massaging Sunstra’s Lavender anti hair fall oil, helps to improve blood circulation on scalp,
    it’s mineral property, add nourishment and shine to your hair.Gives your hair thicker appearance
    by treating baldness.
    Spanish Lavender aroma helps to relieve stress,calms your mind,which promotes a long deeper sleep.


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