Arabica Coffee De-Tan Face wash For Oil skin: 90ML


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    Rise up with Sunstra’s Handmade Coffee Face wash In Irish coffee jelly shade,feel the aroma of this arabica raw coffee bean extract gives you a warm & energetic Face cleansing. Exfoliate your face & remove oil and impurities.Coffee’s richness give glowy bright skin,by reducing pigmentation and improve skin complexion.Blended with pure coffee beans extract & Goodness of coffee helps to tighten & firm your skin also purifies and remove dead cells .it’s properties also act as tan removal, ‘Caffeine found in coffee increases blood flow and gives your skin good glow’.Make your skin to brew this arabica beauty bean Coffee essential oil,Our Pure Coffee bean extract gives you aroma of coffee.


    Pure Coffee bean extract

    🤎Acts Excellent Exfloiter

    🤎Tan Removal,

    🤎Reduce pigmentation,and

    🤎Gives blush and Brighten to your skin.




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