Anti Hair fall shampoo – Spanish Lavender and Indian Bringaraj 200ML


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    Sunstra Natural Handmade shampoo,happy to be your hairfall solution.our Anti-hairfall shampoo is enriched with herbs & natural extracts.its Gentle glossy texture with pastel lavender shade, pleasing your shower with floral herbaceous scent.this shampoo cleanse your hair & keeps hair soft & shine at the same time and preventing hair breakage by strengthen the hair root & add volume to your hair.With specially formulated herbal extracts & its properties helps to control your hairfall & makes New thicker hair growth.Infused with Spanish Lavender extract,Performs specially to strengthening hair follicles by treating hair infections control hair fall & retain hair moisture.concentrated with Bringaraj extract,it’s rich characteristic treats hair loss by increasing blood circulation on scalp & control your has property to promote dark thickened hair growth by reducing of thin hair.blended with coconut oil,which helps to improve hair health & condition by combined with lavender essential oil make your hair growth faster and healthier.


    💙Lavender extract- Control your hair fall by strengthening hair root, gives silck and sleek hair.

    💙 Bringaraj extract-Gives good nutrients to hair roots, makes hair luster and shine,prevents early Grey hair.

    💙 Coconut oil- Moisture your hair,protects hair from water and heat damage,secure your hair from protein loss.

    💙 Lavender essential oil- Make your hair growth faster and healthier and it’s amazing scent calms your mind and makes you relax.

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